Kenda Tires Small Block 8 Pro 24x1.5 Black 65psi

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  • Ultimate XC Racing tire with lots of speed and grip that is well suited for a variety of riding conditions.
  • DTC - Dual Tread Compound is a combination of two different rubber compounds, L3R Pro (center knobs) and Stick-E rubber (corner knobs)
  • KSCT - The optimization of existing Kenda tire construction technologies allowing for a tire to maximize the benefits of fluid based sealants while also increasing the strength of sidewalls for resistance to slices and abrasion
  • TLR/TR - Tubeless (Light) Race is the lightest tubeless ready version of tires Kenda offers and also features an improved bead shape for better retention


Style: Standard Size: 24x1.50
ISO: 507 Bead: Wire
Tread/SW: Bk/Bsk PSI: 55
Weight: 395 TPI: 60
Reflective Sidewall: No