Rinsten Spring Seat Suspension

This Spring is a mechanical shock absorber with adjustable stiffness, which can be adapted both for city and all-terrain cycling. Easy to install, easy to adjust. Weight: 337 grams

Quantity: 2

Suitable for riders of all ages, from 10 to 150 kg (22 — 330 lbs)
For road, city and all-terrain bicycles
For children&adult

Health and comfort, not just another accessory
Because of a seated position, a cyclist can't use feet and legs as a natural shock absorber
A group of scientists from The University of the West of England, led by John Parkin, PhD in transport engineering and his colleague Sainte Cluque, E., began research "The impact of vibration on comfort and bodily stress while cycling"

The scientists discovered that the surface condition is the principal factor that affects the vibration value. It turned out that in almost one hour of cycling the rider is exposed to vibration comparable to that of a tractor operator during half a day of field work
Adding comfort
Our spring damps vertical and lateral impacts and vibrations and adjusts to pelvis bending during cycling. Thanks to our spring your back literally "sticks" to the seat and doesn't shift. This allows you to apply less effort when riding and avoid injuries. This shock absorber makes your cycling comfortable and keeps your body healthy

Hardness of the spring can be adjusted to your weight, riding style and terrain you cycle on