Bike Medicine Purple Extreme Bike Lube 4oz

The original high quality clean lube, a solvent and extreme pressure additives- no wax or oil. Goes on wet, dries, then leaves the extreme pressure additive to do the work of lubrication. Maximum film strength. No PTFE.

Article number: LUBI3356
Quantity: 38
  • High Mileage Per Application – Most cyclists Experience 400+ Miles of Road Riding Between Applications of Purple Extreme

  • Best Value For Your Money! One Bottle of Purple Extreme Provides Three or More Times the Mileage of Most Competing Products

  • Runs Clean – Doesn't Attract Dirt

  • Originally Designed To Run Chains In Salt Water – Will Not Wash Off In Rain, Mud Or Snow

  • Smooth Running - Reduces Drivetrain Noise

  • All Conditions Lubrication Security – Protects From Wear Up To 400° F. and Down To -100° F.

  • Does Not Harden in Cold Conditions

  • Ultra High Film Strength – Prevents Metal To Metal Wear

  • Stays In Place – Does Not Shed or Fling Off

  • Penetrates Quickly To All Parts Of The Chain

  • Helps Prevent Corrosion – Stops Rust From Ruining Your Drivetrain