Radio Destro Light Cranks 175mm Blk

High-quality upgrade cranks for your BMX bike !

$179.99 Excl. tax
Quantity: 1

The new Destro Light crank uses a special welding system and investment cast design which allows us to shave over 200g off the whole crank all while keeping them incredibly strong. 22mm ultra-hollow spindle and oversize arms, these insanely strong cranks are also some of the lightest on the market

  • Seamless 4130 cromo tubing, liquid post heat-treated
  • 22mm, 4130 butted ultra-hollow cromo spindle
  • Bearing Set: Does not include BB set
  • Lengths: 165mm or 175mm
  • RSD/LSD compatible
  • Invest casted pedal boss gusset